The massive scale of stone construction awes even the most seasoned city dweller. Its natural elegance adds to its perceived value. Tenants, customers, and passersby see the building as impressive. Beautiful. Superior to the more ordinary ones around it.

From the dramatic building exteriors to carefully hand-crafted interiors, we’ve supplied and installed natural stone for building projects of all sizes. We’re Intrepid Stone Contractors, one of the leading stone contractors in America.

Because of our long-standing relationships with the major natural stone suppliers and fabricators throughout Europe, South America, China and the United States-and because of the size and frequency of our orders-we’re able to negotiate better prices for you on practically any stone material you select for your job.

We can assist you in the selection and sampling of marble, granite or other natural stone, and we can provide information on current prices, future availabilities and structural performance. We work closely with general contractors during all phases of planning and construction to assist in developing the optimum system to meet design and budget criteria.

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